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IT doesn´t born yet, because when IT born, it will be end of all what we know. IT is God, IT is Devil, IT is Unborn. It isn´t here yet, but seas become dry, newborns dying and land is controled by wave of hysteria and madness ...

All century sleeped inside of citadel. All century waited on Day, when will start program of Awakening. Six embryos of biocybernetics organism, six embryos of undaunted fighters, six embryos of heroes, who will be last hindrance between Unborn and absolute destruction. Today is then Day "D", Day of Awakening ...

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  Physical abilities

Name Influence in game
STAMINA Determines limits when person under influence of spell or wounds falls in unconscious (decreasing by wounds)
VITALITY Hitpoinst of person- if fall to zero, person is dying
CONSTITUTION Determines how good person withstanding physical attacks = how many wounds suffering by hit
STRENGHT Affecting how many can person carry = loading limit; affecting how many wounds person inflicts in "head-to-head" combat
DEXTERITY Determines how many times can person in game turn act (attackking, change of items inventory, reloading etc.); Determines how good person dodge ranged attacks
SPEED Affecting speed of moving on battlefield; Determines total operating time of person during combat

   Psychical abilities

Name Influence in game
INTELIGENCE On its size depends numer of spells, which can person memorize; affecting factor of defense against spells
CONCENTRATION Determines amount of PSI-Energy for creating and casting of spells
6TH SENSE Determines resistance against psychical attacks
PERCEPTION Determines chance hit by firing weapons or throwing weapons (stars) and rate of defense against them
MORALE Affecting will of person to fight; If fall to zero, person doesn´t fight and only stand on battlefield


At weapons you can found value SPEED FACTOR : whereby is this value lower, so is manipulating with weapon easier and faster. For example. 30% for Nunchachu tells you, that with this weapon (the fastest in game) you can in round attack moustly times - till 50x! By contrast Grenadelauncher have 210% (the slowest in game) and you can attack with this weapon only once.

Column ENDURANCE tells you zozal load of person - if is orange, person doesn´t carry anything more. When is more black, you can add to person inventory another things.


Takeovered from Excalibur magazine, nr.28.

First pair of words introduction. Not all enemies, but also friends, will be exactly there, where are on map marked. Some moving. But just move around and you will surely meet them. When we talking about enemies, whenn you won first battle, you have won, because paradoxly first ist the hardest. Fight mostly with non-shooting weapons, best are nunchachu, because you can strike with them till 50x in round! Attributes of you characters will increase faster too. In party keep majority of bionecrons, have best tenacity. Not all door can be opened (see maps). Also not all messages in nets are accesable. If you do not know commans for asking or talking, write "help". And now lets go ...

Legend to maps:

Legenda k mape
Yellow notices are for your better orientation ...


Mapa Midlight
First steps lead you of course to point one. Talk with local cyborg and ask them on "netcode". He tells you two, if you want you can browse both, but it is not necessary. With bionecron (2) do the same thing. But This time you must net (whose netcode you becomme) explore. Read file "report1" and now go to (3). Use pendant "Red Helion" and you get next code. Go to (4), on the way you will pass first fight. After fight left on ground key, use them in (4). Inside log in on network with new code, read message from emperor and "download" permission. Go out from city and on map go southeast.


Mapa Watchtower1Mapa Watchtower1

Go to guard (1), talk with them, he tell you netcode. In them network (2) upload permission and the way is free. Read all available data, you will need it. Cheif of security Algheti (3) tell you, what will await you, take from them card. Next guard (4) highlights you on seted traps, so take from them "trap detector", or only do not use fourth ladder from left and rather nor second from right :-). Explore all through "health" ladders. In (6) use "interruptor plug", mainly take three parts of hologate. Use them (5) in sequence according to picture, which do you saw in local network. Then enter hologate. You are now in (7), it is happy number, isn't? But if doesn´t go by marked way, even happy help you... Then you meet pretty boy (8), he say you so that doesn´t go next. GO next. Behind doors wait on you first vampires, who though doesn´t suck blood, but have unpleasant spells. Kill them and go to network (9). Netcode is "mirror". Read messages and than go to teleport "C". But beware, waits on your next wampires, so rather save game. Than enter in teleport, make one step and you meet chief vampire. Now go back, you meet again Algeth, he thank you and give you good fire-weapon. On map go direct on west.

  Soultomb Mines

Mapa SoulTomb Mines

At the beginning nothing interesting, inly some enemy (about 10 guards). Then some time walk around - you will be surprised and poisoned. You will be awakened by pretty face and she tell you, that he named PerlBlood and is daughter of man, whose you afe looking for. First must you go to her boss (1) Corall. He give you complicated task. Take from them card, use it on (2) and than give it back. PearlBlood show you path to her father, on the way take all things, you will need them. Kill all werewolfes and talk to Mirach (3). He request you on saving them grandson. Take card from them and go to elevator. You meet again PerlBlood and become ancient crystal. Use it on (4), you learn combination for recharging of battery. I hope, that you understand, that for opening second doors you need to close first (decompression). Go one level below (5) and according to code "I AM WHAT I AM" recharge battery. Now go to (6), use "composite key plug", then battery and you become key. We go next. On (7) open with card left upper door, enter and use new becommed key. Open both doors and stand on switchs. Open doors on south. Now on (8) drill on south wall slot with mineral driller" and insert "demolition pack", now fast away and do not forget close door! Way is now free, radioactive field waits on you. Attention, you have only five masks, so change them after evry step, undil you get next. Defeat werewolfes (9), take boy and run away to grandad(3), he tell you everithing what you want to know. Then go to exit, you meet again Corall and will be not alone... When you kill them, you meet again PerlBlood and she take you to exit. No map go now on east.

  Fort of Night

Mapa Fort of Night

Walk around until you meet band of mutants. When you eliminate them, go explore local network, netcode is "murder", you get important inrofmation. Take couple of things form storerooms and eliminate next mutants. Go to (1) and fill aoudicard according to data from network. Now go to (4). Good filled card use on north doors. Then will be fight, after that you get key. Go to (2), awaits you local boss Lord Daleth, left from them next key. Going next. In laboratory (3) take "DNA-sampler unit" and use it on corpse of Lard Daleth. Now direction (4). You meet revived lord. Before door use "DNA-sampler unit". Inside you find mysterious "The Guardian". Pick and away. On map go northeast.

  Tower of Lord NEON

Mapa Tower of Lord NEON

Classic, walk around until you meet woman. She take you in some room, you shall wait there. Go out (2), it will be there guards and they return you back. Try it even twice and then will be fight. Now to (3), there is wounden man, his name is Archon Darley, he want "palmprint". You can browse local network, code is "spirit", but it is not necessary. Next go to (4), kill woman with cully, take key and "palmprint", suffices only Darley one. Go back to (3) and activate palmprint. You will be sent to Inner Sanctum. Enter in mist B. May be you thing mist-system is complicated, but suffices go only straight. Now fastest way to (5), use activated palmprint and now direct to (6). Kill monster. Archon Montery, cheif monk, say you something and send you through hyperspace to entrance. Exit. On map go on west, in cave under mountain Torch.

  Mount Torch

If you looking for missing map, so you looking uselessly, you doesn´t need it. You will fight now with Unborn god himself. When you kill them, he change to Embryo of Chaos. Eliminate. You won, now enjoy the end.

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